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BSG to Invest in VoiceLog® Third Party Verification Enhancements

BSG today announced new and expanded research and development efforts for its industry-leading VoiceLog Third Party Verification

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(August 2, 2010) San Antonio, TX - BSG today announced new and expanded research and development efforts for its industry-leading VoiceLog Third Party Verification products and services. The move comes amidst growing demand for verification services from a variety of industries working to increase sales and improve consumer protection programs nationwide.

BSG’s CEO Greg Carter says BSG will be delivering new tools that will enhance sales acquisition systems and increase productivity for our partners. “BSG understands the importance of always providing our customers with the best service and technology available. Our VoiceLog customers depend on us to provide them with critical sales verification information,” Carter says. “The development of new tools and features will enable us to meet our customer’s needs long into the future.”

Healthcare, energy suppliers, insurance companies and financial services are among the many industries changing their business processes to protect consumers from fraudulent activity on their accounts. The increased emphasis on third party verification is, in part, due to increased regulations and recommendations from governmental agencies.

“Today, VoiceLog is designed to support the needs of almost any industry,” says Carter. “We want to stay ahead of the pack by developing new solutions that address these new market demands. Our new solutions, which will be rolled out in the coming months, are being designed largely from input from our partners. “

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About BSG and VoiceLog:

Billing Services Group Limited is headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, USA and traded on the London Stock Exchange (AIM: BILL). For over 20 years, BSG has been a leading provider of clearing, settlement, payment and financial risk management solutions for the telecommunications industry, merchants and online stores.

VoiceLog was the first third party verification service in the industry, having processed more than 90 million transactions in 14 years. VoiceLog offers customers the latest technological options in the industry which can be integrated with merchants quickly, including automated Call Recording, Scripted Recording, Scripted TPV with Quality Control, Speech Recognition, and Live Operator Services.

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