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Let Us Help You with Your Phone Bill

Welcome to, your online resource to help you with your phone bill. BSG understands phone bills can be difficult to navigate, so let us help you identify items, charges and transaction types which are provided to you by your telephone company. BSG provides phone billing services enabling consumers to make purchases at authorized online stores, service providers and telecommunications companies, and pay later on their home phone bill.

How To Research Purchases Made with Your Phone Bill

When you make a purchase or sign up for services at authorized online stores, service providers and telecommunications companies, you will receive one of the following inserts (click to view): ENABILL, ESBI, HBS, OAN, USBI and ZPDI in your phone bill. The phone bill insert will have details on the purchase, the service provider where the purchase was made and charge information. Learn more about BSG's phone billing services and our program to protect consumers from unauthorized charges on home phone bills.

Contact Our Customer Service Team Now  

Click on one of the phone billing service for details, and then contact us online or by calling for assistance.  Our team is ready to help you research charges, provide contact information and details on the service provider where the purchase was made and help you resolve issues with your bill.

BSG's Customer Service team is available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Central time.  You can also fill out an online Customer Service Inquiry. We will respond to your request within 4 business days.

Your Phone Bill Insert Page Customer Service
Enabill 1-888-331-7031
ESBI 1-800-460-0078
Bill2Phone 1-800-687-5401
HBS 1-800-687-5401
OAN 1-800-944-9646
USBI 1-800-460-0566
ZPDI 1-800-460-0756
All Phone Bills 1-800-417-7965